The Columbus Affair: Imperatives for an Italian/American Agenda

At Stony Brook University’s Center for Italian Studies, Calandra’s dean, Dr. Anthony Julian Tamburri, will be in conversation with the Center’s Director Giuseppe Gazzola about Dr. Tamburri’s recent book The Columbus Affair.

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COLUMBUS AFFAIR engages in the intellectual, crisscrossing zigzag of a quagmire that is the Columbus Affair and hence demonstrates the major complexities of such argumentation. The goal, modest it may seem, is to examine aspects of each side, with the hopes of spurring on an even greater discussion among all parties within our Italian/American semiosphere. After all, one of numerous issues with which Italian Americans at large need to come to terms is the Columbus Affair. Education, philanthropy, social and cultural activism are just three other issues that reside on the same plane. There is an interconnection here, the sight of which we cannot lose.

A Reconsideration of Italian/American Cinema, with Dr. Anthony Tamburri

Join us at the Townhouse for A Reconsideration of Italian/American Cinema with CCF Member, Dr. Anthony Tamburri.
A 6:00pm cocktail reception will precede Dr. Tamburri’s engaging overview of Italian American filmmaking. The event is $35 and includes a copy of Tamburri’s book, Signing Italian/American Cinema: A More Focused Look.
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Please note, dinner reservations following the lecture are limited to Foundation Members ONLY; the cocktail reception and lecture are open to all.

Italian American Heritage Month: Celebrating Contributions and Confronting the Past

Monday, October 18
1:00 pm to 3:00pm
Live on Microsoft Teams; link below
Italian immigrants have left a lasting impression on this country, contributing to everything from literature, art, and architecture to politics, industry, and labor. In this online panel discussion, scholars will explore the ways in which Italian Americans have shaped our culture and society. They will examine a variety of issues, including Italian American authors and labor history as well as the recent debates around Christopher Columbus and how the issue has forced Italian Americans to reconsider their perspective on this controversial historical figure and the impact of colonization.
The panel will be moderated by Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD, dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute and distinguished professor of European languages and literature at Queens College.
Panelists for this event are Joseph Sciorra, PhD, director for academic and cultural programs, and Fred Gardaphé, PhD, distinguished professor of English and Italian American studies, both from the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute at Queens College; and Marcella Bencivenni, PhD, professor of history and coordinator of the Social Sciences Unit at Hostos Community College.
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