Giorno della Memoria

Giorno della Memoria (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is today, January 27. At the Italian Consulate, Italians, Italian Americans, Italian Jews and non-Italian Jews, and others gather to read and to hear the names of Jews deported from Italy during World War II and to commemorate all the Holocaust’s victims on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The Institute cosponsors the event every year along with the Consulate, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Centro Primo Levi, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimó, and the Italian Academy at Columbia University.






Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminar 2023

The Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminar™ is a three-week summer program that takes place at Roma Tre University. It is designed to introduce participants (doctoral students and professors) to cultural studies of the Italian Diaspora from a variety of academic perspectives and to foster development of individual projects responding to the materials covered in the series of seminars in literature, film, and the social sciences. All participants engage in a special research project.

The Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminar is open to graduate students (doctorate; advanced MA students may be considered) and professors from colleges and universities worldwide.

This is a collaborative program between the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute / Queens College of The City University of New York and the Roma Tre University. Professors from these two institutions and others will comprise the teaching faculty of the entire three weeks. This summer the program will take place June 12 through June 30, 2023. This will be the seventh year of the Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminar.

The program will be accepting up to twenty participants for the 2023 summer program. Fellowships of $1,500 per participant are available.

Cost of room, board (breakfast and lunch), and tuition (12 Roma Tre credit hours): $3,000. Air and ground travel are additional. Click here for the application form and here for more information on the program schedule and faculty.

Application Deadline—March 10, 2023.

Pascal D’Angelo’s Birthday Commemorated by Calandra Institute and Bordighera Press

January 19 is the birth date of the remarkable Italian American poet Pascal D’Angelo. D’Angelo emigrated from Introdacqua at the beginning of the last century with a group of local men to work as manual laborers at various locations in the United States. After a number of years during which he executed grueling and underpaid and underappreciated jobs (building roadways and railways, among others), D’Angelo became intrigued by the idea of learning English well enough to write humorous sketches for his fellow “pick and shovel” men. Having achieved some success in this endeavor, he turned his ambitions in a more lofty direction and began to study to become a Romantic poet in the tradition of Keats and Shelley–and he did it. Although his poems did not appear in a host of publications and whereas he never earned serious money for his writing and died young (in wretched poverty), nonetheless his poetry did gain some favor at the time and is recognized for its quality to this day, particularly in light of the distance he traveled, metaphorically as well as geographically, from shepherd in Abruzzo to architect of sophisticated and beautiful verse in New York City. Click here to see Bordighera Press’s tribute to D’Angelo and to hear one of his poems, “The City,” recited aloud.

Carlo Tresca Commemorated

January 11, 2023, marked the eightieth anniversary of the murder of activist Carlo Tresca. Tresca was gunned down on the corner of Fifth and 15th St. in 1943 at age sixty-three. To remember this brutal end of a valiant life, Dr. Joseph Sciorra and Stephen Cerulli of the Calandra Institute organized a gathering of Tresca fans on the site of the assassination. Dr. Sciorra welcomed those present and put the event in some historical context, which Cerulli expanded on. They then opened the event up for others to speak, and a handful did so. Calandra’s Dean Anthony J. Tamburri closed the remarks, and the event concluded with the placing of red carnations, Tresca’s favorite flower, on the pavement near where he died.

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