Italian Charities of America: 2022 Honorees Include Calandra’s Dr. Donna Chirico

On October 23rd, 2022, at the 86th Annual Italian Charities of America Dinner Dance these Italian American honorees were celebrated for their outstanding work and achievements.

Joseph Petrosino, Esq. received the Christopher Columbus Award.

Silvana Mangione received the talian American Ambassador Award.

Giovanni Pinto received the Italian American Community Service Award.

Dr. Donna M. Chirico received the Italian American Leadership Award.

Dr. Antonio Carlo Vitti received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Louisa Calio received the Renaissance Award.

The Godfather: Fifty Years Later

On Saturday November 5, 2022, the Institute convened a panel of scholars to discuss the half-century-old legacy of the Mario Puzo novel and the series of films by Francis Ford Coppola. Some topics covered in the presentations included “The Don’s Tuxedo: Fashion and Costume in The Godfather,” by Rebecca Bauman, “No Girls Allowed: Homosociality and the Man Caves of Identity,” by Dr. Donna Chirico, and “From Scratch: Foodways as a Politic of Representation,” by Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, among other paper topics. Dean Anthony Julian Tamburri served as host and moderator. Stay tuned to this space for upcoming videos of the presentations.