Artist Talk: Immigrants and Diasporic Italians

Angelica Bergamini, Gianluca Bianchino, Diana González Gandolfi

Among the artists featured in the Calandra Institute’s exhibit A Legacy of Making are immigrants born and raised in Italy and Argentina. Their inclusion alters and expands our understanding of who constitutes “Italian Americans.” How do these artists’ transnational experiences and statuses inform their work and their position within the art world? Three artists will dialogue about their individual and artist journeys as part of the exhibit’s final public presentation.

Artist Talk: A Conversation about Identity and Art

A Conversation about Identity and Art: John Avelluto, Joanne Mattera, Timothy McDowell, Sheila Pepe

Identity politics has become an increasingly significant aspect of the art world. This shift signaled, to a large degree, interventionist critiques by artists of color of an art scene and market dominated by straight, white men with a definitive Western perspective. Given this context, what does it mean to consider ethnic identity—italianità—when discussing US-based artists of Italian heritage? What are the benefits and limitations of organizing an exhibit featuring “21 Italian American artists” at an Italian American venue like the Calandra Institute? Join us for a conversation about cultural identity and art and other related topics.

Exhibition Extended through April 2024: “A Legacy of Making: 21 Contemporary Italian American Artists”

“A Legacy of Making: 21 Contemporary Italian American Artists” currently on view at the John D Calandra Italian American Institute in Midtown Manhattan, will run until the end of April, 2024. Curated by Joseph Sciorra and Joanne Mattera, the exhibition features the work of artists based in New York City who are Italian American, or Italian born and and now living here, whose immigrant experience has informed them personally and artistically.
On Wednesday, December 13, artists in the exhibition will be present to speak informally in the gallery about their work, 6:00-7:30. You are invited. Come and see the show and engage with the artists.
. The Calandra Institute is at 25 W. 43 Street, 17th floor, New York City.
. Read a conversation between John Avelluto and Joanne Mattera in Two Coats of Paint:…/an-italian-american…
. See a walk-through of the show on Mattera’s blog:…/a-legacy-of…
. Artists were selected from the newly published book Italianità: Contemporary Art Inspired by the Italian Immigrant Experience: