Viewing Puglia through Films A New York Festival: Il Grande Spirito

Directed by Sergio Rubini. With Rocco Papaleo, Sergio Rubini Production:Fandango and Rai Cinema. Year: 2019.
Duration: 113 minutes.
Tonino is a petty thief always looking for the big score, which seems to finally arrive when the loot from a robbery, for which he had been relegated to the role of lookout, fortuitously ends up in his hands. Tonino flees with the loot over the Taranto rooftops and finds refuge in a dilapidated dormer house inhabited by a strange character: Renato, who has given himself the nickname Black Deer because he considers himself an Indian, part of a tribe in perpetual struggle against the Yankees. Renato is the only anchor of salvation for the fugitive, who by the way is badly injured by falling from the top of a construction site overhead. An understanding will develop between the two that is the result not only of marginalization, but also of an unsuspected consonance of views. In Italian.
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