The New Reputation of “Made in Italy”


The Associazione Mezzogiorno Futuro (Asmef) and the Italian Excellence Award Meet the Istituto Commercio Estivo to acknowledge stand-out Italian companies.

Representatives from ASMEF and from the Istituto Commercio Estivo will meet with leaders of noted companies to recognize the companies’ remarkable contributions to the new “Made in Italy.”

Luigino Belloni, director general of Malo Moda, and representatives of the company Angelo Bervicato will be awarded the Premio Eccellena Italiana prize. Calandra Dean Anthony Tamburri will host and preside over a round-table discussion about aspirations and needs as well as future outlooks of Italian businesses and corporations vis-a-vis the United States and other nations. Italy loves the image of a mobile lifestyle, and the constantly moving and changing Italian communities abroad are its natural ambassadors.

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