The 3Fs in Italian Cultures: Critical Approaches to Food, Fashion, and Film

The 3Fs in Italian Cultures

Critical Approaches to Food, Fashion, and Film

In the second half of the twentieth century, food, fashion, and film became fundamental icons of Italian culture. These three cultural fora have become critical arenas where the notion of an “Italian style” is formulated, marketed, and consumed as an articulation of identity at local, national, and global levels. The prestige accorded the “3 Fs” influenced the re-evaluation of Italian-American identity as a positive construct, while Italian-American political, economic, and cultural standing have been instrumental in the marketing and consumption of Italian products in the United States and abroad. Food, fashion, and film are key points of encounter in the symbiotic circuitry between Italy and its diaspora. This conference offers a venue for the exploration of such identity markers and how they have shaped general perceptions of Italians around the world.

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