Shalom Italia (2016), 70 minutes, Tamar Tal Anati, dir.

In Hebrew and Italian with English subtitles.

On the run from the Nazis, three Italian Jewish brothers spent months as children hiding in a cave in the Tuscan countryside. After World War II the men moved to Israel and became Israelis. Shalom Italia tells the story of them reuniting in Italy nearly seventy years later to search for their family’s hiding place. “For years I’ve wanted to find that cave, the place to which we owe our lives,” says the youngest. Their quest, full of humor, food, and Tuscan landscapes, straddles history and myth. Filmmaker Tamar Tal Anati says of it: “Often it seems any particular moment can only be accurately constructed when everyone is involved, as each person’s particular recollection of an event helps piece together a larger mosaic of a shared experience.”

Post-screening discussion led by Alessandro Cassin, Centro Primo Levi.