Remembering the Four Days of Naples: Giornate Internazionali della Libertà


“International Days of Freedom” is a series of events, organized by the E-Novation Foundation, dedicated to the defining theme of the West: Freedom. For the integral development of the human being, Freedom must be a foundation of and for community and not an accelerator of individualism. The topic is timely with regard to international dialogues, and it is also critical for building a more just society. This series honors the eightieth anniversary of the Four Days of Naples and now comes to New York City, an iconic center of Freedom.

The four days from September 27 through 30, 1943, was a period during World War II when the people of Naples rose up against the Germans. The Neapolitans believed an armistice with the Allies had been signed and the war was at an end only to discover that the Nazis were still in control. Armed with makeshift weapons, the oppressed fought their oppressors and against overwhelming odds drove the Germans from their city.