Presentation of Social Notebooks: The Case

Quaderni Social is an editorial project conceived by the journalist Massimo Lucidi that emphasizes the opportunities of the web, ranging from the origins of an Italian “Amazon” platform all the way to how to articulate one’s relationship with social media. is the first of these stories. Eugenio Filograna is the enlightened entrepreneur who had aimed to relaunch the glorious Postalmarket brand, leader in mail order sales in Italy. In 2000, the company found itself in difficult straits relaunching the network and suffering delays and management contradictions. It could have been Amazon before Amazon had it not run into these sticky problems. An incredible story. Italy is filled with enterprising people with extraordinary talents. But can those people team up? Does the rule of law offer opportunities or feed doubts and uncertainties?

The protagonists of this story will be here to talk about what happened and about web initiatives involving Italy going forward into the future.