Mary Jo Bona reads from I Stop Waiting for You (Bordighera Press, 2014)
Louisa Calio reads from Journey to the Heart Waters (Legas, 2014)
George Guida reads from The Sleeping Gulf (Bordighera Press, 2015)

This event features three poets coming together to read from their latest works. Maria Mazziotti Gillan has called Mary Jo Bona’s I Stop Waiting for You “an immensely moving meditation on grief for the twin brother who dies from AIDS,” continuing, “[T]he ghosts of her other dead and lost populate this book as well. Those losses are balanced out by her poems that explore her Italian-American heritage and her love poems.” Of Journey to the Heart Waters, Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., writes: “Louisa Calio’s poetry is a veritable chiaroscuro of images in black and white, woven together with a profound passion for the lyrical.” Elisabetta Marino calls Calio “a real healer,” adding, “This is a journey among cultures, America, Italy and Africa.” Writing about The Sleeping Gulf, Pui Ying Wong said, “Generous, always engaging, Guida’s poems open Italy and the world to us,” and Maria Terrone adds, “Imagine Jonathan Swift with an Italian American sensibility—that’s George Guida.”