Luigi Bonaffini and Joseph Perricone read from Poets of the Italian Diaspora: A Bilingual Anthology (Fordham University Press, 2014)

The worldwide Italian diaspora reportedly numbers more than sixty million people. Until now, however, there has not been an anthology devoted to the literature of the Italian diaspora that places it in a global context. This landmark volume, co-edited by Luigi Bonaffini and Joseph Perricone, presents an international selection of works by more than seventy Italian-language poets who are writing in countries from Australia to Venezuela. Their poetry is organized according to eleven geographical regions. The history and current state of Italian-language poetry in each region receives a critical overview by a scholar who also introduces each poet and provides a bibliography of his or her work. Poets of the Italian Diaspora is part of a long-range project, by the editors and contributors, to expand the boundaries of Italian literature.

“An outstanding pioneering work that will mark a milestone in Italian Studies and will serve as the foundation of a new discipline, the literature of the Italian Diaspora.”
—Sante Matteo, Miami University