Lecture: “From Berlusconi to Conte, 25 Years of Crisis of the Republic in the European Context”

During the Cold War the history of the Italian Republic was dominated by the centrality of the Christian Democracy in a proportional political system. The 1990s led to an incomplete transformation into a majority system linked to alleged strong leaders, from Berlusconi to Prodi, from Renzi to Salvini, all more or less ephemeral. Despite the growth of anti-European sovereignism, the anchoring to the European Union appears to be the major factor of stability of the democratic regime, without being able to get Italy out of a long-term crisis. Now Giuseppe Conte, a scholar who seems to base his leadership on a return to ancient proportional balances, tries. Back to the past?

Dr. Gennaro Carotenuto, journalist and contemporary historian at the University of Macerata, will lecture on how Italy’s political future is colored by its past.