Italian Heritage and Culture Committee Dante Lecture Series: Catherine Adoyo


“’The Joy You Have but Tasted’: Savoring the Commedia with Dante”

For the septicentennial of Dante’s Commedia, this talk celebrates Dante’s relationship with a figure often overlooked by readers yet whose role as perennial confidant the poet establishes and reiterates throughout the poem. The identity of this universal figure? You, the Reader.

Dr. Catherine Adoyo received her PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University with a dissertation on the textual architecture of Dante’s Commedia. Trained in music composition and piano performance, Dr. Adoyo is the author of Rain: A Song for All and None, a genre-bending work of literary fiction that draws compositional inspiration from Dante’s Poetics to reclaim the storytelling voices of oral tradition in the Great Lakes region of East Africa.

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Sponsored by the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee and the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute.