Emanuel De Pasquale reads from Writing Anew: New and Selected Poems

Emanuel di Pasquale’s Writing Anew: New and Selected Poems (Bordighera, 2007) spans forty years of his work. Di Pasquale poetry is connected to his Sicilian childhood, the open humanity of the Sicilian family as it reflects not only “local” human emotions, but a humanity that connects and reaches out. The work is alert to the workings of the human heart and its connection to nature. Stylistically, di Pasquale’s work is deeply lyrical and reachable. His poetry celebrates life, the divinity of each living thing: the open eyes of a child, the open wings of a bird, the hurricane in the human tear. For di Pasquale, all is family and deeply alive: fish and fowl, beast and human.

“Emanuel di Pasquale writes with reverence and wonder, like some Adam first laying eyes on beast and tree, bestowing names upon them. In a time when most poets are shedding the dullest gloom, di Pasquale is one in a thousand… All in all, I find di Pasquale an astonishing and delightful poet, a visionary miraculously set down in New Jersey, and a true original.”

— X. J. Kennedy