Camilla Trinchieri reads from The Price of Silence (Soho Press, 2007)

Having taken a young Chinese woman under her wing, wife, mother, and respected teacher Emma Perotti finds herself on trial for the young woman’s murder. Almost five years earlier, An-ling Huang walked into Emma’s ESL classroom and into her family’s life. Emma was drawn to the vulnerability she perceived in An-ling. An-ling seemed to long for a surrogate mother and eagerly attached herself to Emma. Emma’s husband, Tom, resented An-ling’s intrusion and his wife’s affection for her. Their son, Josh, developed his own relationship with her. Dredging up painful memories and buried grief, An-ling’s presence threatened to tear the family apart. Then An-ling was found dead, suffocated. As Emma’s trial progresses, An-ling is revealed not to have been who she claimed, and the reader learns that the family members all have their own secrets.

“A taut psychological thriller. . . . [T]he novel is a gripping, intelligent read. Particularly compelling are its subtle insights into the nature of family, foreignness and the lies we tell ourselves and others even when our intentions are good.”

Publishers Weekly