Book Presentation (York College): Resistenza Rap, by Francesco “Kento” Carlo

Kento’s memoir Resistance Rap is a sort of literary road movie, an episodic travelogue mapping the author’s journey as an Italian rapper and political activist. Interlocking snapshots trace a miscellany of events—encounters and concerts, recordings and rallies—that collectively recount both the Italian artist’s development and his nation’s challenges. … Kento, the nome d’arte of Francesco Carlo, is a child of Calabria, and through his memories, stories, and rap lyrics (included here in the original Italian and in English translation), he recounts his movement toward his unique pairing of aesthetic sensibilities and social engagement. … Resistance Rap offers the curious reader an opportunity to become acquainted with present-day Italian culture and activities that move beyond abrupt news stories and touristic accounts. … For those familiar with Italian who go on to find Kento’s music after reading his memoir, he offers in these pages three ways to discover his work: there is first the music, followed by the lyrics. But Kento suggests a deeper, “third level” in which the listener “wants to expand the subtext and the references that made me write those words. This is the level that reflects my study and inspiration.”—From the introductory essay by Dr. Joseph Sciorra