Book Award “The Bridge”

This evening celebrates the second year of the book award “The Bridge,” aimed at reinforcing the mutual understanding between Italy and the USA by exposing the reading public to the best works of fiction and nonfiction recently released in each country. The Award is indeed a “bridge” that connects two cultures. The publications in English of last year’s Italian winners will be presented, and the winners of this year’s award will present their winning work.

The sponsors, organizers and administrators of the Award are: Casa delle Letterature of the Rome Municipality (founder and curator of the two sections, and sponsor of the fiction category for the American section); the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF, main sponsor of the nonfiction category for the American), the American Embassy in Rome (main sponsor of both the fiction and nonfiction categories for the Italian section), the American Initiative for Italian Culture (AIFIC, sponsor and administrator in the USA), and the Federazione Unitaria Scrittori Italiani. Here in the U.S., “The Bridge” collaborates with the Embassy of Italy and Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, the American Academy in Rome, the John D. Calandra Institute in New York, and the Italian Cultural Institute in New York.

Organizing Institutions: Italian Cultural Institute in New York and John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

Location: Italian Cultural Institute in New York, 686 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021.

Contact: (212) 879-4242; Email:

Admission:  free and open to the public