Anne Marie Macari reads from Gloryland

Anne Marie Macari’s breath-taking second collection finds unapologetic revelation in the female body. Gloryland (Alice James Books, 2005) re-examines motherhood, death, birth, and rebirth, drawing on religious and secular creation myths to enact a feminist religion. Bold, rich lyrics reveal the grand in the domestic, claiming the physical as an essential part of the female experience, declaring that to live fully in the body is the truest, bravest and most glorious form of worship.

“Anne Marie Macari’s powerful poems make poetic speech seem an utterly natural act. She is the latest ambassador of a great lineage of strong poets whose subject is blood-knowledge. Sexual without needing to be seductive, spiritual without being sentimental, tough and full-bodied. I like so very much the way the poems are always in hot pursuit of the serious mysteries (kinship, sex, mortality)—at once blind and deeply intelligent, pushing into the underbrush of knowing. Gloryland is a sensational collection.”

— Tony Hoagland