An Exciting Autumn at the Calandra Institute

As people turn their thoughts to the new academic year ahead of us, I want to share with you some highlights of what will be happening at the Calandra Institute this autumn so you can understand why we’re so excited about it.

Our events started off with a bang on September 11 with our Writers Read series, when we hosted former white nationalist Christian Picciolini reading from his memoir about working with and then leaving that movement. With the month of October comes Italian Heritage and Culture Month as well as the continuation of all our series, Writers Read, the Cannistraro Lectures, and Documented Italians film screenings. And in November, among our other regular offerings, we will proudly host the second installment of the three-part multinational Diaspore Italiane/Italy in Movement symposium, which situates Calandra, together with our European and Australian partners, at the absolute cutting edge in research work on Italian diaspora scholarship.

Take a look at our calendar for more information about all our events, and be sure you are included on our mailing list to receive notice of what’s going on at the Institute. And check back frequently to the site for updates on last-minute events added to our terrific schedule for academic year 2018-2019.