Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminar

Friday, June 29, together with the Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Straniere of Roma Tre University, the Calandra Institute concluded the fourth edition of the Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminar. At the close of the Seminar, the article at left appeared in the Corriere della Sera. (Click on the image to enlarge the article.)

The Italian Diaspora Studies Summer Seminarā„¢ is a three-week summer program that takes place at Roma Tre University. It is designed to introduce participants (doctoral students and professors) to cultural studies of the Italian Diaspora from a variety of academic perspectives and to foster development of individual projects responding to the materials covered in the series of seminars in literature, film, and the social sciences. All participants will engage in a special research project.

For more information about the program schedule and faculty, contact Dean Anthony Julian Tamburri at 212.642.2094 or via email at