Calandra Corner

Calandra Corner is the home for our new set of more casual video conversations that fall outside the purview of Italics.


Dr. Sciorra asks Anthony Mitzel about memes and about Italian American memes in particular.

Dr. Sciorra interviews Michael Moore, a translator/interpreter, in the run-up to publication of his new translation of Alessandro Manzoni’s magisterial classic I promessi sposi (The Betrothed).

Anthony Tamburri talks with Francesco Ricatti about when Italians are omitted from anthologies.


Fred Gardaphé chats with Marco Rafalà about his novel How Fires End.


Joseph Sciorra talks with Luisa Del Giudice about WWII Italian military internees.


Joseph Sciorra chats with Matteo Pretelli about Italian American GIs in film.


Joseph Sciorra in conversation with Stefano Albertini about Moonstruck and opera.


Joseph Sciorra chats with Florida Atlantic University professors and students.


Dr. Sciorra talks with Nancy Carnevale and Laura Ruberto, editors of the Critical Studies in Italian America Series from Fordham University Press, about their work, on the occasion of the series’s tenth anniversary. Critical Studies in Italian America focuses on comparative and transnational currents in scholarship; over the years its scope has broadened to include more worldwide Italian diaspora matters and other questions of interest to ethnic and migration studies. The editors talk about the series’s history, their interdisciplinary methods, and their view of the future, a future it is helping to shape.