Data Snapshot 2 (May 2024)

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The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is pleased to announce a new project in demographics, research, and data analysis. The Italian Diasporas: Data Snapshot series will provide information regarding a variety of characteristics related to the Italian diaspora. These summaries and more extensive reports will answer questions such as:

  • What sets the Italian diaspora apart from those of other ethnic groups?
  • What distinguishes the Italian diaspora across the countries of immigration?
  • Are there significant differences in patterns of assimilation and acculturation for the Italian diaspora?

This timely undertaking comes just as the United States Census is preparing to change how personal information is collected about race and ethnicity, which will now be considered equally. The change means that across those bodies that collect such data, ethnicity will have a prominent place in assessing how people identify and provide a better picture of ethnicity in the United States.

The Data Snapshot is an overview of Italian Americans providing data about population, geographic location, income, age, and family size among other significant variables as compared to the general population of the United States. Future reports will highlight specific aspects of these broader categories and other topics including educational attainment, employment categories, and language. Further, results of surveys will be presented regarding such themes as attitudes toward caregiving, religion, and politics.

The Institute invites you to share suggestions for future snapshots and reports.



Below pdf of snapshot:

Italian American Geographical Dispersion USA 1980-2021
Number Italian American Geographical Dispersion USA 1980-2021
Percent Italian American Geographical Dispersion USA 1980-2021

Below gif of snapshot:

Number Italian American Geographical Dispersion USA 1980-2021
Percent Italian Americans Geographical Dispersion USA 1980-2021