7.1 Reviews

Italian American Review
Winter 2017 • Volume 7 • Number 1

A Note from the New Editor, by Marcella Bencivenni

The Revolution Just around the Corner: Italian American Radicals and the Mexican Revolution, 1910–1914, by Michele Presutto
On Being Ethnic in the Twenty-First Century: A Generational Study of Greek Americans and Italian Americans, by Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei

Donatus Buongiorno’s Oil Paintings as Objects of Material Culture Documenting an Italian/American Life, by Janice Carapellucci
Reconnecting with the Center for Migration Studies, by Mary Elizabeth Brown

Transnational Radicals: Italian Anarchists in Canada and the U.S. 1915–1940 (Travis Tomchuck)
Immigrants against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America (Kenyon Zimmer), by Montse Feu (M. Montserrat Feu López)

Italian Birds of Passage: The Diaspora of Neapolitan Musicians in New York (Simona Frasca)
Ethnic Italian Records: Analisi, conservazione e restauro del repertorio dell’emigrazione italo-americana su dischi a 78 giri (Giuliana Fugazzotto)
Andarsene sognando: L’emigrazione nella canzone italiana (Eugenio Marino), by Marialuisa Stazio

Memories of Belonging: Descendants of Italian Migrants to the United States, 1884–Present (Christa Wirth), by Donald Tricarico

The Italian Americans: A History (Maria Laurino), by Mariana Demarco Torgovnick

Encountering Ellis Island: How European Immigrants Entered America (Ronald H. Bayor), by Maddalena Marinari

Al Dente: A History of Food in Italy (Fabio Parasecoli), by Carol Helstosky

Quirino Cristiani: The Mystery of the First Animated Movies (Gabriele Zucchelli), by Angela Dalle Vacche

Colorado Experience: “The Smaldones: Family of Crime” (Julie Speer), by Lee Bernstein

Influx: Europe Is Moving (Luca Vullo), by Federica Mazzara

DP Camps and Hachsharot in Italy after the War, by Stephanie Malia Hom

Italian American Cinema: From Capra to the Coppolas (Joseph McBride and Mary Serventi Steiner, curators). by Evelyn Ferraro