6.2 Complete Contents

Italian American Review
Summer 2016 • Volume 6 • Number 2

Reflections on the First Six Years, by Joseph Sciorra

Introduction to the Special Issue on Italian Americans and Television, by Jonathan J. Cavallero and Laura E. Ruberto, Guest Editors

“Narcotic”: Constructing the Mafia–The Nationally Televised New York Hearings of the Kefauver Committee, March 1951, by Michael R. Frontani

TV Gangsters and the Course of the Italian American Antidefamation Movement, by Laura Cook Kenna

Toma to Baretta: Mediating Prime-Time White Ethnicity in the Post-Civil Rights Era, by Kevin Hagopian

Cucina Nostra: Italian American Foodways on Television, by Rocco Marinaccio

Sinatra: The Chairman (James Kaplan), by Karen McNally

Daughters, Dads. and the Path through Grief: Tales from Italian America (Donna H. DiCello and Lorraine Mangione), by Kathariya Mokrue

The Neighborhood Outfit: Organized Crime in Chicago Heights (Louis Corsino), by Jeffrey S. Adler

An Unlikely Union: The Love-Hate Story of New York’s Irish and Italians (Paul Moses), by Ronald H. Bayor

Mi Pogolotti Querido/ Il Mio Amato Pogolotti (Enrica Viola), by Antonio Lauria-Perricelli

The Italian Character: The Story of a Great Italian Orchestra (Angelo Bozzolini)
Little Opera (Louis Wallecan)
by Paolo Prato

Made of Limestone (Andrea Nasuto and Marco Nasuto), by Dorothy Louise Zinn

Sinatra: All or Nothing at All (Alex Gibney), by Thomas J. Ferraro

A Woman’s Journey: From Sicily to Indianapolis, by Ethan Sharp

Frank Sinatra: The Man, the Voice, and the Fans, by Nancy C. Carnevale