Cav. Joan Marchi Migliori Receives Christopher Columbus Award

The Calandra Institute’s Director for Community and International Programs Joan Migliori was given the Christopher Columbus Award by the Italian Charities of America October 24 at their eighty-fifth annual dinner dance. She was recognized for her years of service coordinating study abroad programs as well as her tireless efforts on behalf of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, Inc., among many other achievements. Also honored at the event were Giovanni P. Silvagni, Esq.; Mary Christine Modica; Tiziano Thomas Dossena; and Dr. Stanislao G. Pugliese of Hofstra University, who graciously thanked the Institute and particularly Dean Tamburri for having supported his research in Italian American Studies over the years.

Calandra’s Dean Tamburri and Dr. Joseph Sciorra on WBAI Talking Columbus

Calandra’s Dean Anthony Julian Tamburri and Director for Academic and Cultural Programs Joseph Sciorra were interviewed on New York radio WBAI wiith Paul DeRienzo talking about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, and imperialism. Click here to listen to the sound cloud conversation.